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Faraday Cases Exhibiting at AUSA

October 12-14, 2015
Faraday Cases, leaders in high performance cases that provide both physical and electromagnetic shielding, will be exhibiting at the AUSA Annual Exposition in Washington, DC October 12-14, 2015. Come visit us in Booth #547 or contact us to set up a meeting at the show: Faraday Cases utilizes Conductive Composites unique materials to provide protection from EMP/EMI/RFI, and data theft. Learn more:

Conductive Composites Hosts Ribbon Cutting

June 17th, 2015
Conductive Composites held a ribbon cutting June 16th, 2015 to ceremoniously open their new production plant in Cleveland, Utah. Citing the incredible efforts by employees, local government members and government contracting officials, the new plant will vastly increase production capacity to meet customer demands for Conductive's nickel coated materials. More

Conductive Composites Opens a New Fiber Coating Production Facility

June 10th, 2015
Conductive Composites announced the opening of a new, coated fiber production plant in Cleveland, Utah that will more than double capacity and will immediately help meet pressing demand for their Nickel Vapor Deposition fibers. The facility has ample headspace and two full-scale production lines with room to add a third. More

Integral Enters Into Strategic Agreement with Conductive Composites

January 8th, 2015
Integral announced the signing of a strategic Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with its long-time nickel plated carbon fiber ("NiC") manufacturer, Conductive Composites. "This is a significant milestone and commitment for us," stated Doug Bathauer, Integral's CEO. "We have extensively researched a variety of conductive fibers critical for the manufacture of ElectriPlast and found Conductive Composites to be the best specialty nickel plated carbon supplier for us. More

Conductive Composite teams with Antenna Products Corporation and North Fork Composites to deliver conductive composite antennas

September 25th, 2014 - Mineral Wells, Texas
Antenna Products Corp., a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality antenna systems for military, aviation, electronic toll, and communication applications is pleased to be working with Conductive Composites Company (Heber City, UT) and North Fork Composites (Woodland, WA) to develop and manufacture antennas constructed out of conductive composite materials. More

Conductive Composites to Feature New Multifunctional Composites, Renewable Conductive Substrates, and Two Presentations at CAMX 2014

October 13-16, 2014: Conference
October 14-16, 2014: Exhibits
Conductive Composites is pleased to announce that several new multifunctional composite products and materials will be featured at CAMX 2014, including: Lightweight composite antennas, nickel CVD coated renewably-sourced cellulose fibers, in both continuous tow and nonwoven formats, lightweight shielding enclosures, shielded cables, composite conduit, construction materials, sporting goods, and a full line of conductive materials, including nickel coated fibers, scrims, nickel nanostrands, and integrated products including conductive paints, sealants, and resins. More

Conductive Composites to Exhibit at Defense Manufacturing Conference

December 1-4, 2014 – San Antonio, TX
Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L) has emphasized the importance of Government and Industry attendance at Technical Conferences. DMC is targeted towards maintaining the technical competence and professional development of DOD scientists and engineers. Come join us and see the latest applications using our advanced conductive materials. More

VaporShaft to Release Patented New Composites Applications at SAMPE Seattle 2014

June 3-4, 2014 – Seattle, WA
VaporShaft is proud to announce the release of its new patented conductive carbon fiber tubular structures for such applications in the antennas, EMI protection, and sporting goods & recreation markets. The technology and its possibilities will be demonstrated by its inventors at the upcoming SAMPE Exhibition in Seattle, Washington on June 3 and 4th ( Admission to the exhibit hall is free.

VaporShaft to Exhibit at SAMPE Seattle 2014

June 3-4, 2014 – Seattle, WA
SAMPE Seattle is innovation in action – a dynamic exhibition of equipment, machinery, and products that showcase the newest advancements and product developments from more than 200 companies. VaporShaft is proud to be part of the SAMPE Seattle 2014 Exhibition ( and will be presenting products based on new materials technologies, including composite antennas, lightweight shielding conduit, and highly advanced fishing rods. Come join us (admission to the exhibit hall is free!) and see the latest applications use our advanced conductive materials and cutting edge manufacturing technologies.

Conductive Composites Receives Two Air Force SBIR Phase II Awards for Continued Development of Shielding Conduit and Electronics Enclosures

03.5.2014 – Dayton, OH
Conductive Composites has received notification for two SBIR Phase II awards based on the successful completion of Phase I programs. These Phase II efforts will allow us to mature applications for conductive conduit and electronics enclosures for avionics. The funding will allow for prototype development, qualification testing, and technology transition.

Conductive Composites Once Again Showcases Solutions at Utah SAMPE's Wasatch Expo

03.5.2014 – Salt Lake City, UT
This fun and free event showcases the materials and composites Innovators in from the Greater Wasatch County and across Utah. This will be our 9th year participating in the Wasatch Expo, which supports the local technical community and draws upon end-users as well as educators and students. Swing by and visit us. More

Conductive Composites Receives Two Air Force SBIR Phase I Awards for the Development of Shielding Conduit and Electronics Enclosures

06.30.2013 – Dayton, OH
Metal conduit and enclosures are needed to provide shielding against electromagnetic effects on airborne platforms. Our conductive plastic and composite replacement for these structures will save size, weight and fuel, resulting in lower operating cost for future Air Force aircraft. These capabilities have potential to transition to many other applications for other aircraft as well as ground-based vehicles.

Conductive Composites Receives 2013 TechConnect Award

05.03.2013 – Washington D.C.
Conductive Composites recognized at Awardee for TechConnect-National Innovation Summit, Washington, D.C. for 2013. Our technology received this Award because it placed in the top 20% of all submitted technologies as ranked by the TechConnect Corporate & Investment Partner Committee.

Defense Production Act Awards Second Title III Program to Conductive Composites

02.06.2013 – Heber City, UT
Title III of the Defense Production Act (DPA) provisions funding and support for companies that provide critical defense technologies. Conductive Composites has received a second program award indicating strong support form DPA. The funding allows us to install and upgrade manufacturing capacity and develop technology transition and commercialization opportunities.

Conductive Composites Breaks Ground on New Manufacturing Facility

08.09.2013 – Cleveland, UT
Conductive Composites has broken ground on a new XX Sq. Ft. facility located in Cleveland, UT. This new facility will more than double our production capacity while enhancing product quality and yield. The new facility will also have sufficient expansion space to add several additional production lines as customer demand increases.

North Fork Composites and Conductive Composites Form Joint Venture Called Vaporshaft

03.29.2013 – Woodland, WA
Conductive Composites has formed a new joint venture with North Fork Composites. The new venture, called VaporShaft, will combine our technology with North Fork’s manufacturing and process technology for tubular composites. We will target applications for communications antennas and sporting goods such as high performance fishing rods and arrows. We are excited about the opportunity to introduce our technology into high volume consumer product markets through VaporShaft.

Lightweight Metal CVD Coated Nonwovens Work Well, Cost Less

Chemical vapor deposition-coated nonwoven composites, which are used for electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. Coated nonwovens are as light and conductive as carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets, and cost only a fraction of the price. This SIBR project was undertaken by AFRL and Conductive Composites Company. More

Coated nonwovens with high conductivity -

A commercial method of nickel chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on nonwoven fibers may revolutionize products made for electromagnetic shielding, lightning strike protection, energy storage and a host of other applications that depend on conductivity. Conductive Composites, Heber City, Utah, introduced the CVD-coated nonwovens, which are lighter, thinner and more conductive. More

Conductive Composites adds production line for coated fibers -

Conductive Composites Company, Heber City, UT, has commissioned a new production line for high performance nickel Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coated fibers in Green River, UT. This new coating line more than doubles capacity for nickel coated fibers, and improves the supply chain and pricing of nickel coated fibers, according to the company. More

Conductive Composites Announces Commercialization of CVD Coated Conductive Nonwovens

Conductive Composites Company is pleased to announce the development and commercialization of nickel Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coated nonwovens, with a manufacturing line expansion that doubles production capabilities. This new product brings several advantages to the marketplace. More

View the discussion on

Safety Shield

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory found a conductive carbon-fiber nanocoating that provides electromagnetic shielding from high-power microwave and directed-energy weapons. More

Conductive Composites Completes Milestones towards Production Flexibility

Conductive Composites Company has completed milestones to ensure the company has production capacity as well as research and development infrastructure to diversify the business and support customer demand in new markets. More

Press Release: Conductive Composites Company Completes Several Milestones towards Production Flexibility

Conductive Composites Company is pleased to announce the completion of several significant milestones to ensure the company has production capacity as well as research and development infrastructure to diversify the business and support customer demand in promising new markets. More

Conductive Composites will be exhibiting at the SAMPE International Symposium in Long Beach from May 24 to May 26. Come by and see us at Booth 1252!

Visit the SAMPE site here.

From Inception to Insertion: Successful Products and Applications using Nickel Nanostrands

The increasing use of composites and plastics in demanding applications brings great advantages in physical and mechanical properties, but with compromises in electrical performance. Composite materials typically cannot provide adequate performance in applications where electrical conduction is required. These electrical properties are becoming increasingly critical due to an escalating reliance on digital communications and controls. More

Investigation of Electrically Conductive Structural Adhesives using Nickel Nanostrands

Several conductive nanomaterials are investigated for structural electrically conductive adhesive applications, including carbon nanofibers and nickel nanostrands. The suitability of nanostrands as a conductive filler is reviewed. Adhesive formulations based on Hysol 9396 epoxy are tested for electrical and structural properties. Several formulations are found to be capable of providing enhanced adhesive strength while affording excellent electrical conductivity. More

Conductive Composites Receives Nickel-Coated Carbon Fibre Order

Conductive Composites received a new order totaling $2.44 Million which marks the successful expansion into the 5,000 square feet manufacturing plant at its Green River Production Facility.

The Green River Production Facility provides a new site for production scale manufacturing to support the Materials Research & Technology Center and Main Headquarters located in Heber City, UT.

"With demand for conductive materials at an all time high for several aerospace and EMI shielding programs, this is a strategic time for us to strengthen our business with this manufacturing capability" said Nathan Hansen, President. " This order, which will be completed during 2011, will open new opportunities for our products and will continue the advancement of our global leadership role in nickel coating by using chemical vapour deposition technology."

SBIR Program Yields Lightweight, Highly Conductive Electromagnetic Shielding Coatings

The Air Force Research Laboratory Small Business Innovation Research partner Conductive Composites Company created nanostructured materials and coatings that--in their capacity to provide conductivity and shielding for a variety of applications--are collectively poised to become standard technology in the electromagnetic material designer's toolbox.

AFRL completes High Power Microwave testing

AFRL Air Vehicles Directorate researchers recently completed a series of High Power Microwave (HPM) tests in an effort to reduce the susceptibility of modern air vehicles to potentially damaging Electromagnetic (EM) or Radio Frequency (RF) sources.

New Materials Technology a Coat of a Different Color

Working under an Air Force Research Laboratory Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract, Conductive Composites Company, LLC, produced new polymer coatings novel in their capacity to provide--via single-material solution--both the conductivity needed for effective electromagnetic hardening and shielding and the range of colors needed for camouflage and similar optical spectrum management applications.