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"Enabling Conductivity in Plastics and Composites"

Materials and System Solutions for the Next Generation of Conductivity and Electromagnetic Requirements

Conductive Composites Company is a global technology leader in the development of innovative products and technologies that enable conductivity and electromagnetic shielding (EMI) solutions. Applications include composite materials, polymeric systems, and energy storage and transmission. Conductive Composites offers a portfolio of conductive products that includes nickel nanostrands, nonwovens, nickel-coated carbon fiber, and a line of conductive EMI shielding polymeric products. All materials are traceable, with ISO certification in progress. Additional capabilities include consultation services, contract research, engineered materials, and system solutions.

Conductive Composites can work with you and your team to develop the best solution to any need. With the successful performance and enhancement of several Air Force Research Labs Small Business Innovative Research and Defense Acquisition Challenge Programs, along with technical and innovation recognition, we have the capability and expertise to meet your needs.

Recent News

01 04.2013 Lightweight Metal CVD Coated Nonwovens Work Well, Cost Less
Chemical vapor deposition-coated nonwoven composites, which are used for electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. Coated nonwovens are as light and conductive as carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets, and cost only a fraction of the price. This SIBR project was undertaken by AFRL and Conductive Composites Company.......
02 07.2012 Coated nonwovens with high conductivity - specialtyfabricsreview.com
A commercial method of nickel chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on nonwoven fibers may revolutionize products made for electromagnetic shielding, lightning strike protection, energy storage and a host of other applications that depend on conductivity. Conductive Composites, Heber City, Utah, introduced the CVD-coated nonwovens, which are lighter, thinner and more conductive.......
03 05.31.2012 Conductive Composites adds production line for coated fibers - Nonwovens-Industry.com
Conductive Composites Company, Heber City, UT, has commissioned a new production line for high performance nickel Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coated fibers in Green River, UT. This new coating line more than doubles capacity for nickel coated fibers, and improves the supply chain and pricing of nickel coated fibers, according to the company.......


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  • Nanostrands Nanostrands are highly branched, three dimensional nanostructures that offer the ultimate balance of conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, and mechanical properties. Nanostrands can be used as a high performance additive or as a stand alone material...
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  • Nickel Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Coated Fibers There are a wide range of nickel coatings available (20-65 weight percent). CVD Coated Fibers offer uniform resistivity throughout length of the entire spool and continuous in-line resistivity data. Every filament in the tow is uniformly coated. Coating substrates included carbon fiber, aramid, and glass fiber. CVD Coated Fibers have higher tensile strength retention, increased damping properties and engineered thermal properties.
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  • Nickel CVD Coated Nonwovens Ultra light weight, high conductivity, and highly effective broadband shielding. Highest specific shielding performance of any composite solution. Manufactured in a continuous process. CVD coating is uninterrupted and uniform over every external surface, including binders. May be stacked or combined in multiple layers. Coating substrates included carbon fiber, aramid, glass, and carbon nanomaterials. Significant cost savings over competing technologies.
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  • System Solutions Integrated products that fully utilize the advantageous properties of our unique materials, including: paints, sealants, adhesives, resins, prepregs, coating systems, inks, and more.
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